What We Celebrate

The purpose of this not-for-profit festival is to demonstrate through positive messages that the festival themes are integral to the wellbeing of a cohesive community valuing everyone and their contribution individually and together. The festival takes place annually primarily across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland communities of Maleny, Montville, Flaxton and Mapleton.

The rich contribution brought to communities by individuals of diverse backgrounds, personality, life experiences and beliefs.

Wellbeing through increased awareness by communities of individuals as valuable members of the community.

Understanding of how we can meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Respectful conversation, listening, discussion and interaction for unification and healing with the traditional custodians of the country on which we live and work.


Each of us is unique and our diversity of background, personality, life experiences and beliefs, make us who we are. The combination of our differences shapes and enriches our community.

We want everyone to celebrate that they can be themselves.


The Range communities are an ensemble of lives and stories, with a multitude of hopes and dreams in a unique landscape providing a commonality of challenge and opportunity enabling myriad individual and shared purposes.

Trust, collaboration and care are fundamental to the well-being of our community.


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our festival takes place, the Jinibara people, and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

Through respectful conversation, listening, discussion and interaction of people we are fostering unification and healing.


Better understand how we can meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their own needs.

We want to give life to our vision of the future through hands-on experiences of the natural wonder of our environment.


Every individual should be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities.

We are fostering an environment where everyone is valued for who they are and what they bring.


The joy of surprise comes with the infinite spectrum of actions that show and tell feelings, ideas, concepts.

Learning and entertainment is vibrant and alive when underscored by diversity of thought, experience and culture.


A healthy environment means ingenuity, invention and imagination can flourish and thrive – we need so much more than what got us here, to get us there.

Experience how unique authorships can write our
common destiny.

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We acknowledge the Jinibara people and the Gubbi Gubbi people, the traditional custodians of the different areas of country on which The Rangebow Festival takes place and we pay our respects to indigenous elders, past, present and emerging.